We vow to manage your Google Ads Marketing Campaign with the only objective , which is to make your brand and business a nation / word recognizable one. 

    Increase your daily sales online and attaract customers to your physical store.

    Get potential sales converting enquiries from your target customers.

    Get your target audience to visit your site.

    Gain more online presence for your product and services. The more they see, the more they trust.

    Google Search Ads displays search results with terms related to your keywords.

    Google Display Ads allows you to advertise your products and services visually in various image and video formats and sizes. 

    Google Shopping Ads allows you promote and sell your products which will be displayed upon searched.

    Our Google Adwords partners reduces the Google Adwords cost and yet meeting the branding and direct sales lead generation. We optimize clients’ campaign structures, ads copy, bidding, keywords.  We meet clients’ cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition targets.

    We assist clients boost online presence with branding, increase online sales with lead generation.  We help set up re-targeting campaigns, conversion tracking to monitor performance, as well as integrate SEO, email marketing and other offline marketing initiatives.

    Google will charge you more if you do not optimise your website for the keywords.  We value add to improve the websites’ quality score in gauging the click-cost for every cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition.  We optimise ad, landing page and other factors to increase the quality score and reduce pay-per-click advertising costs.

    Anyone could set up a Google Adwords campaign, but may not necessarily make it profitable.  You may pay more than you need to per conversion, miss any opportunities to market your business in an effective manner.We acquire the knowledge of the latest Adwords Tools, best practices and manage Adwords campaigns at a sophisticated level.