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V Channel was founded in 2008, as SEO and an online marketing solution provider. Owners, Lum and Yap were internet marketers and the management team was later joined by Donson and Arthur. We have only one mind. We are passionate in online marketing solution, including online SEO Singapore services, social media management. More so, applying the knowhow, sharing our experience and further develop our skill of internet marketing into commercialization. It is to help our clients reap the benefits of search engine optimization, especially key in the online industry.

We serve with a track record of 300 clients of small medium enterprises and multi-national corporations with a team of over 10 people. Since start-up, we have built up a list of regional clients for Singapore SEO and Malaysia SEO clients which are backed by one of the strongest portfolio in our SEO industry. As a SEO and online marketing company, we are offering personalized services for our small medium enterprises but also corporate clients. Over the years, we surf through the changes of Google updates and the challenges of time and competitiveness in this Search Engine Optimization industry.

V Channel has its office in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. We achieve first page ranking for clients’ website listing in Google, generating 1,000 leads per month, convert online visitors to prospects, improve client sales revenue through online marketing. We use premium string of keywords and content development. We adopt in-house developed proprietary and in house content management system, fits for SEO services. Our simple philosophy is to “do thing inside out”, between on page and off page optimization

In December 2013, V Channel was invited for the Google Partners program. The criteria of a Google parnter is stringent. V Channel is a trusted agency, achieving the recognized profile and the best practices in the online search marketing industry. What we must work on are the certificate and spending. We are proud to be able to be a member of Google Partners and we are working along the goals.


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