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Three Most Important Online Marketing Metric To Measure:

V Channel core business lies on search engine optimization and online marketing in Singapore. Data is our lifeline. As a result performance based system, we monitor clients’ website analytics data in top 10 rankings search engine. Besides getting on first page ranking, we focus on daily visitors. We build our philosophy around three crucial metrix - attract traffic, increase the traffic and finally convert the traffic to sales. To get the best out of your website analytics on how these data can improve your business in Singapore, spend your time monitoring statistic that show you successes and failure, such as conversion rates and your visitors engagement.

1. Creatives Contents

Words speak. Image show. And that’s how it can relay the message you would want to your online browsers. Because of contents, search engine pick up these as true information and data to its browsers which help greatly in ranking your website through SEO. Creative Development & Content writing also spells out what you would want your browser to do such as option in to your newsletter or making a purchase from you. It can be craft our as a sales message that engage your website browsers too. Below are a few key areas we provide to build a strong fundamental online marketing for your business in Singapore and your engagement to your browser.

2. Web Traffic & Visitor Engagement

Web traffic is the most fundamental of all digital marketing. Set your target audience, drive targeted traffic, and engage them.  

Visitor engagement is crucial to your online success because your website will engage your visitors and this is how they convert to your customers. Visitor engagement includes web design, user friendly web navigation and lag time. Online browsers would not want a complicated design because they would not know where to look and it disturbs them if the design is too loud or flashy. The ease of navigation is one of the most critical elements in your web design because it allows browsers to navigate easily without having to think too much where to search for a particular item.

3. Conversion Rate

If you're investing time and money in your online marketing arm, we make sure client is getting something of value. Whether a goal is increasing online sales or having a web presence, do have a strategy for performance tracking on traffic and visitors-- the ratio of web visitors who convert from visits into desired actions, such as opt-in newsletter, buying your products online or making enquiry through your website.

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